"Money won't create success,
the freedom to make it will."
-Nelson Mandela

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Read Praises for “The Truth About Managing Your Career…And Nothing But The Truth"

"Karen Otazo distills years of her wisdom, insight, and global coaching expertise into each of her "5-minute chapters". The result is a collection of highly polished gems to be contemplated at the many cross roads of your career journey". 
***Saj-nicole A. Joni, Author, The Third Opinion"

"Years of browsing in airport bookshops have made me highly skeptical of the management 'wisdom' we are fed today. However, here at last is a book that leaders will instantly recognize as making real practical sense - I wish I'd read it 25 years earlier."
***Ritchie Bent, Group Head of Human Resources, Jardine Matheson Ltd

"A cutting-edge pioneer in the field of business coaching, Dr. Karen Otazo knows -- and speaks -- the truth about how to get and keep the job you want. Regardless of your age or stage of your career, you’ll find practical tips and tools to make your workplace journey smoother, more enjoyable, and potentially more profitable. The Truth about Managing Your Career is a must-have for your career library."
***Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D., Author of Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office and Nice Girls Don't Get Rich

"This book should be subtitled 'Everything you need to know to succeed in the real world of business but were smart enough to realize that if you asked, the people around you might perceive it as weakness!'  If you let it, 'The Truth about Managing Your Career' will be your bible, coach, best friend and secret weapon as you propel your business, career or project to the next level." 
***Michael Neill, creator of www.geniuscatalyst.com and author of You Can Have What You Want and The Seven Myths of Success audio programs

"Two points stand out in this clear and cogent book: "Work is a game." And, "It's worth playing well." Karen Otazo, a consummate corporate insider and outsider, sums up the standing knowledge of excellent gamespersonship in this succinct manual for people entering the workforce, and for people standing back to gain better perspective on their own careers." 
***Art Kleiner, editor of strategy+business and author, Who Really Matters: The Core Group Theory of Power, Privilege and Success.

"I feel lucky that Karen Otazo has coached me through many a career challenge. Now her years of insight and experience are open to readers of this indispensable guide. For anyone making for the heady summits of organizational life, like oxygen they should have it on hand for regular intake." ***Julia Rowntree, author Balancing Act: Art and the Business of Survival

"Karen Otazo beautifully succeeds in distilling over two decades of supremely practical organizational know-how in this gem of a book. Her style is clear, concise and immediately accessible. She speaks to the mind and emotions simultaneously and galvanizes action. Reading this book and applying its pragmatic wisdom will assure your safe passage through many contemporary corporate minefields."
***James Flaherty, Executive Coach, author of Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others

“The Truth about Managing Your Career’ is easy-to-use, succinct and wise. Karen Otazo provides lots of useful tips for performers in the theatre of organizational life. But her book’s greatest strength is in showing why a career should be built on principles. A key principle is respect for others, senior and junior, even when you don’t agree with their views. Another is earning trust through honesty, compassion and clarity. Especially if you work in a large, hierarchical organization, you should read, re-read, and always have at hand this great book." 
***Gerard Fairtlough: Founder /CEO of biotechnology company Celltech and author of The Three Ways of Getting things Done: Hierarchy, Heterarchy and Responsible Autonomy in Organizations and co-author The Power of the Tale: Storytelling in Organizations

"Karen Otazo has created a roadmap to successful career management. This book provides invaluable advice for every stage of business life laying out clear, concise, and practical solutions for the working professional. Read either in part or in its entirety, an essential tool for business success!"   ***Valerie Foundoukis, Vice President, Global Organizational Development Head of Strategic Coaching Practice Credit Suisse, New York

"A real gem -- As a Managing Director in a large global company, I have seen first-hand Karen Otazo's practical advice and insight really making a difference. Each self-contained chapter contains helpful tips that will give the reader the opportunity to take control of their career and to focus on the key issues that face today's workforce." 
***David Buckley, London, UK

"This is an amazing book! The intensity and sincerity come through because the words and experience Dr. Otazo imparts are true to the core. I did not want the book to end. It delivers sage advice that makes me think about what I will do tomorrow and priceless perspective on what I did just yesterday!" 
***Douglas Hofmeister , Partner, Accenture, LLP.

"I only wish I had had Karen Otazo's advice when I started in corporate life. Even now, as an independent, I will be drawing on the tips in her book as I work with a great variety of people around the world." 
***Barbara Heinzen author, Feeling for Stones: Learning & Invention when Facing the Unknown

"I have long admired Karen’s work as a coach. This is a great practical guide for coaches and our clients alike. Thank you Karen, for sharing your insights and experience with us."  
***Ellen Kumata, Partner, Cambria Consulting, Practice Leader, Cambria Coaching

"The Truth? I’ve worked with Dr. Otazo for many years and she has always been a wise counsel with an uncanny ability to get to the heart of any issue, and her proposed solutions invariably work. Her latest book encompasses the wisdom and insights gained from more than twenty years of working with and coaching executives across a wide range of industries and cultures. A copy of “Truth” will be highly recommended reading for my Leadership team and will be freely available for all employees who are committed to and want to learn the truth about career development." 
***Milton Steele, Vice President & Group Manager, FMC Corporation

"The truth about managing your career is an unusual, reality based, cut to-the-chase guide to success.The book is easy to read and unafraid to deviate from much abused "how to" prescriptions. It is refreshing and manages to transcend race and ethnic nuances found in today's corporate environment. It is applicable to most work situations and should be read throughout one's career challenges." 
***Guarione M. Diaz, President, Cuban American National Council

"I feel that Karen wrote this book as a gift and guidebook for me. It is the gift of her personal wisdom written in an amazing crystal-clear style."  ***Regina Gil, Financial Times Head of Advertising Sales Germany and Austria

"The Dr. Karen L. Otazo has allowed the 'Divine' to enrich, bless and empower us with detailed insights that make a difference. Simple tenets for complex times. Elegant prose, proficient wit, sweet charm, tried and tested expertise is what the global business community needs...now. Like an ancient sage of old, her still gentle prophetic voice is crying loud from the wilderness of information clutter and foolishness will guide us. Leaders will sing a "new song" in a strange land." 
***Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones-CEO

"Dr. Otazo's book on managing your career is full of punchy, practical stuff that works." 
***Helen Alexander, CEO, The Economist Group



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